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Government Program

Use this government approved financing program to finance replacement of major items such as roof, impact windows and doors, air conditioning, insulation and more.

This program is for those without enough money to pay out of pocket for these improvements, or with insufficient equity in their home to qualify for a refinancing or home equity loan. 

100% Financing

Pace Finance can provide 100% financing. It might only require up front a small fee to cover any minimal expenses and which is fully refundable upon contract signing or built into the finance contract. All other costs are built into the contract. 

It is repaid through your property tax bill and can be scheduled as monthly payments from a 3-20 year repayment term.

Does Your Home Qualify?

While the PACE program is available in most areas throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, you can submit your address, city and zip code and one of our customer service techs will check your eligibility and respond quickly.


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